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Software Synergy

Supervision and energy management software


Increasing energy efficiency means using only the power required ), using energy when it costs less (optimise consumption in tariff time slots, increase renewable energy consumption and so on) and improving energy quality (reduction of harmonics, power surges, ...). Therefore, the first step to take is the monitoring and analysis of your power consumption. How much energy do you consume? When and how do you consume it? What is the state of your machinery and equipment? Synergy is a supervision and energy management web-based software that provides for the monitoring and control of the electrical installation, in a simple and efficient way. In addition to electrical quantities, it allows to check all environmental and process information (operating status, alarms, etc.), acquired from LOVATO Electric products, equipped with communication port, and thereby to carry out commands and parameterising.

●Server-multiclient system (Microsoft SQL relational databases)
● Browser interface
●Dynamic TCP/IP address management
●Simultaneous management of multiple communication channels with independent configuration (protocols, speed, RS232, RS485, Ethenet, modem)
●Dynamic TCP/IP address management
●Synergy allows access to a large number of users with different access levels and authorisations.
●Simple, easy to use and guided configuration that does not require any special computer knowhow

Synergy is a valid software to sustain the activity indicated by the standard EN ISO 50001 "Energy management systems. Requirements with guidance for use"


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Request of live software presentation by Lovato Electric commercial staff and access to Synergy demo.